Gambrell Street considers worship as primal to a vibrant family of faith. To love God means to worship: we foster a personal and corporate relationship with God. When the church gathers, God is the focus. Together, we offer ourselves in attempts to glorify God. Together, we listen to God for an understanding of his will. To coin a phrase from a hymn, we strive to "give heart and mind and soul and strength to serve the King of Kings."


Worship styles vary among different churches. The terms used to describe the various styles are not always precise. The generic terms often used are contemporary, blended, traditional and liturgical. The term that typifies worship at Gambrell Street most closely is Traditional, as the congregation sings hymns, scripture is read, the choir wears robes and sings anthems, and a biblical sermon is preached. However, the negative connotations of Traditional worship, such as rigid and out-of-date, do not describe our worship.


Gambrell Street offers worship that is focused on God, biblically based, integrous, well-planned and creative. When we are at our best, God is glorified, and the people are edified.


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