Members Describe Worship

Worship services at GSBC are spiritually refreshing. I know when I go I will hear about God and His love. I know I will hear the Word and not just a speech or lecture.

  • My husband and I both love the hymns, and the music is uplifting and inspiring – not performances.

  • I love the old traditional organ.

  • I know when I go I will see a “family” whom I love and who loves me. It’s a wonderful caring people.

Worship at Gambrell means gathering with people of all ages and even many different nationalities, to express our love for God our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ our Savior.

This is done in various ways; through fine music, through excellent preaching, through reading of the scriptures and prayer.

Congregational singing at Gambrell is a thrilling experience for all worshipers. We sing hymns from the hymnal, led by a robed choir, and accompanied at the pipe organ and grand piano by trained musicians. Recently, a chamber orchestra, not the typical praise band, has been organized and adds much to the service. The choir is well trained, singing anthems at each service which complement the message of the pastor.

Our pastor is a mature, experienced Bible scholar who is easy to listen to, making the preaching portion of the service a great blessing to all who hear him.

The old catechism says “the purpose of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.” Worship with God’s people at Gambrell Street Baptist Church helps us focus on the person of God until we are caught up in His majesty and glory. Through music and the spoken word we join with other believers in adoration and praise, confession and commitment. Like the prophet Isaiah who saw the Lord high and lifted up, we too want to offer ourselves as servants. Corporate worship at Gambrell Street leads to witness and service in God’s world. Thanks be to God!

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